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Tuesday, 8-May-2007 15:59 Email | Share | | Bookmark
PortFolio Showcase at my College!

that's Armand sticking collage at the entrance
our faces
during preparation
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hehe well it was a final 'major' project actually..final semester project. we were required to organize a Portfolio Exhibition which consists of all our best artworks according tu our major. Since i'm a photography major, dapat buat photo exhibition free2 lah!! [er cuci gamba tak free ]
it was called Reminisence Portfolio Showcase. all Graphic Design Degree and Diploma students were involved. and this project will cover 60% of our core subject
hm..the booth given was not so big..but since we only have to hang our works..kire ok la..for first exhibition kan..hehehe

well u guys can come!! mari lahh mari lahh..penat beb sampai 2 3 pagi melangot kat kolej buat keje2 ni..jakon sbenarnye takpenah wat exhibition..ingatkan senang..rupenye payah gak..bcoz we've JUST been given the brief 3WEEKS ago..i thought this exhibition wont work..sebab this need atleast 2 months preparation..but congrats to my classmates!..bekerja keras for this exhibition..we did it guys! glad i've given a chance to do something 'big' before graduating. yeah im graduating!

without my fren nazee tolong mmg tak menjadi booth aku babai je la thanks a lot nazee! aku mmg kene blanje ko makan! thanks to my other classmates also..aizah semue..tengs for helping me out ya! have to tengs SN and my lecturer Azli also because without all the trainings+asignments u've given, i wont have anything GOOD to display

besides photography, u guys can check out other major artworks like multimedia, advertising, and illustration..my classmates punye artwork lagi gempak2! cantik gile! well this exhibition will be held from 7 May - 20 May 2007 [Monday-Friday 9am-5pm] at Gallery 1 Limkokwing University Cyberjaya. [buat pertame kalinye aku mengiklankan limkokwing di sini ]

so Art Appreciators, MariLah! i'll be there most of the time insyallah

Monday, 7-May-2007 17:19 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Final Semester Photography Project Presented

gonna miss this class so so so much!! never had fun learning photography in college before..sebelom ni blajar lebih byk kat luar drp dlm kolej..start majoring baru best! takpe we can always go out shooting next time kalau pree ek! hehehe thanks to En.Azli for all the knowledge and sharing! nak gamba mase presentation leh tak..heheh

Tuesday, 1-May-2007 17:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Wesak Celebration

saye tak sambut wesak.
saye gi ambik gamba je
excited takpenah ambik gamba wesak.
byk lilin!
thanks to my lecturer en.azli sbb ajak pegi tahon depan nak pegi lagik. okeh?
upload yg ni dulu. ngantok. assignmen tak wat..sibok ambik gamba wesak plak
kunun mcm dah cuti jek kan.. padahal ade lagi 1 week...final prsentation..minggu depan

slamat bercuti people!

sementare im busy with my final and stuffs, checkout my flickr too! now i've collected even more travel photos! im lovin it!


Friday, 27-Apr-2007 10:53 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Penang-Full Entry

cool plak payong dia.
i purposely crop off the nyonya's head. no reason
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2 days @ penang, most of the places we went is the temples quite interesting though, as i havent experienced shooting religious stuff. nak gi thaipusam pon takot..kan but i really enjoy this trip. we all were. nextweek wesak day maybe nak ikot lagi my lecturer shooting [die ajak tak?] hahaha..ok enough of Penang shots.

Friday, 27-Apr-2007 10:46 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Final Selection for Minor Project

Kire dah nak siap aa ni..ade lagi nak re-shoot sbb takpuas ati sgt dgn yg ni..presentation next week!!! aaaaaaaa!! major dah siap [gamba terengganu] hehehehe..minggu depan segale final presentation apesemue! takot!! wish me luck people!

saye nak shoot lagi. isk..

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