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Wednesday, 17-Oct-2007 17:04 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Raya 2007

me+my family
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Selamat Hari Raya semua! it's been a long whileeeeeeeeee since i haven't updated my fp. lepas habis je last keje sebelom cuti raye arituh teros balik kampong astu ni baru balik dan dpt update.
takbanyak sgt amek gamba raye arituh. biase2 je. raya pertame tu kat kota tinggi [as every year] tapi tahon ni dok jap je then kitorg gi Kluang sbb my kakak sdare Kak Maizun bertunang hari raye keduenye. so beraye kat Kluang lah tahon ni kirenye. Di jangke kak maizun ni nak kawin bulan 8 2008 dan dengar2nye 080808..plisssssssssssssssssssss jangan kawinnnnnnnnnn 888!!!!waaaaa sbb kite dah full booked!!! awal laaaaa sket ehhhh hehehe org lain yg kawin apehal aku sebok2...abeh..ye aa cousin kottt yg kawin nanti..mesti la nak pegi! anyway congrats on your engagement day! semoge berkekalan sampai ke jinjang pelamin

to everyone, happy viewing, selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin kalau ade pernah tersilap kata ke ape ke sepanjang blogging dlm fp nih

kalau malas click satu2 boleh view slideshow. hehe gamba sedara-mara jer. http://www.jayfarhana.com/raya2007

Monday, 1-Oct-2007 04:55 Email | Share | | Bookmark
PROMO - Get this Year's price for Next Year!

Ladies & Gentlemen! early this year we did a promo for RM1080 for all my senior photographers. They were new in wedding early this year. Due to overwhelming demand by the market, they already set the next tune to RM1480 since May 2007. Still they have LOADS of respond from customers that want to go FOR A PERFECT picture for their wedding.

NOW, they plan to set their next stop (In another words...nak naik harga lagi). So, this will be the last promo for them at RM1480 price. NO HIDDEN COST! come and see it with your naked eyes our Exclusive Album (Only for CS customers) and few things in our galleries. No obligation in taking or not.

Better HURRY to reserve their dates. For those looking for our NOVEMBER & DECEMBER, do it soon, we only have less than 20% vacancy for both months. This are few simple steps to book the RM1480 package;

1. Call and check the availibility of dates
2. If the dates are still available, then set an appointment for Product Preview
3. Preview session and booking by paying 30% deposit.
4. Your date then secured (Nobody can overwrite it)

Move now and get our experience & Professional Photographers to cover your most memorable day in your life. Because your wedding is very special!

CEO / Principal Photographer
Colours of Asia Sdn Bhd
CandidSyndrome International
+60380766878 (HQ)
+6013 3977715 (Mobile)

The ONLY OFFICIAL Private Photographer Team for The Royal Wedding of Yang Teramat Mulia Paduka Seri Pengiran Anak Puteri Hajah Majeedah Nuurul Bulqiah binti Kebawah Duli Yang Maha Mulia Paduka Seri Baginda Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'izzaddin Waddaulah, D.K.M.B., P.H.B.S dengan Yang Teramat Mulia Pengiran Anak Khairul Khalil bin Pengiran Syed Haji Jaafari

The ONLY Official Photographer Team for "Merdeka Raksasa" in conjunction of the celebration of 50th Anniversary of Malaysia Independance. Assigned by The Malaysia Government


forwarded entry from http://saifulnang.fotopages.com

Friday, 7-Sep-2007 15:45 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Major Update on JayFarhana.com

hi people, sorry for my absence again. asik2 busy jer. so goddamn busy + lack of time. takpe this time i've manage to upload lots of wedding [include yg lame2 punyer] at my website..tapi ade lagi banyak nak letak..kene korek2 harddisk latest wedding on my website are as follows:

Ija & Jimmy - Kg Pengantin, Ampang
more http://www.jayfarhana.com/simpleviewer/ijajimmy

Idora & Putera Shahrizal -JWMarriot [tag along UdeyIsmail]
more http://www.jayfarhana.com/simpleviewer/idora

Farah & Ikmal -Dewan Sivik PJ
more http://www.jayfarhana.com/simpleviewer/farah_ikmal

click http://www.jayfarhana.com


Al-Fatihah untuk ibu kepada Saiful & Adi Nang yg telah pulang ke rahmatullah pada 1 September 2007 lepas. Semoga rohnya sentiasa dicucuri rahmat. Amin

Monday, 27-Aug-2007 15:35 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Meor Hafashah & Aida Hariaty [solemnization]

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18 Aug 2007
Sek19 Shah Alam

Congratulations to Meor & Aida! korang due best! event yg simple tapi best! member2 korang pon
lagi laa best! hehehe...bubur lambok kat umah aida sedap ngehehe
wish u all semoge happy2 together2 and enjoy honeymoon wokeh!

Wednesday, 15-Aug-2007 02:15 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Class of 2007

credit goes to Adi Nang [www.cswhiteroom.com] and thanks to my crazy classmates for coming: Aizah, Dzul, Zel, Haizal, Mark, Vanny, Jessie, Reg. some of them couldnt make it but it was all fun!

pic with award above taken by ainiyah

Ladies & Gentlemen
I'm a Graduate.

Alas, i've been waiting for this moment to come. it's been 5 years in Limkokwing University, as for u all know, i just did my diploma.
im 23, and it may seems like im too old to grad as a diploma holder at this time.
if i really worked out so hard a few years back, im now probably graduating with a Bachelor of Arts.
but im not going to continue my degree.
it's a stupid thing to say but yeah, i would not think of a second thought.
i believe that everything just happened for a reason.
well maybe im not continuing my degree if i were graduated in 2005 [supposed to].
because i have no idea what photography was eventhough i took that subject for 3 semesters. in semester 4, when i was about to decide what will i major in
semester 5, photography is on the bottom of my list. but i didnt even know what's
on tOP of my list either. im not interested in advertising. neither were the others.
i crave drawing at that time, but thinking that a visualizer would end up sketching
storyboard and stuffs, i changed my mind. multimedia? i only know generating free flash templates in myspace and thats it.
my parents financial went down at the time [2 years back] and i decide to drop a lot of subjects, [plus 'repeating' some of them], and took 1-2 subjects per semester.
then i was daydreaming for years. i just didnt know what i would be in my future coz i have no interest in what i studied. i didnt hate them totally, but i just didnt see where's the path im heading to. im so stupid. i've learned how to develop films in darkrooms, how to compose great images, but i did them for the sake of passing the subject. i dont know whatthehell my passion is.
music. i wasted a lot of time+money in 2003-2005 for music. and yeah as some of u already knew me before, i once involved in some youth cult u might not like. but it's the music that grab my interest, not much of the ethics. i work really hard for it. and we all produced a diy EP ourselves. and the feedback was not bad at all. some people may not like the music we played, but i was really proud of my own work at that time, realising that it was not imposible to make something happen if u work really hard if u have passion. i missed that moment a lot..and couldnt thank enough the people who helped and supported.
but this is not something my parents can be proud of.
my whole big family was high educated. Some are doctors, engineers, accountants..and gagagugu. so playing music is certainly a total rubbish to them, even ART might be rubbish too. i met my boyfriend early 2005 and he told me how unthankful i am to have parents who would support everything for my education, but i ruined them off for something they hated. how ungrateful i am to ditch the subjects i've learned whereas lots of people out there wanted to further studies but couldnt afford.
he woke me up from my daydream. coincidently, i was browsing the net and found a few success photographers [who are ladies] and i suddenly have a feeling that its not impossible if i work out for something my parents may be proud of.
clicked on to Saiful Nang's fotoblog, got astonished for weeks, n began to be his blog follower. CandidSyndrome opened a Job for Junior Photographer twice, sent my resume twice, and got rejected.
When there's a photography workshop he announced, i decided to go whatever it cost me. and until then, i learned a lot of stuffs about the art of SEEING through online forums, and teh tarik session from other photography enthusiast + professionals as well. im not forgetting Bazuki Reuters.
my results were getting better since im in love with photography. i chose photography as a major in 2006 and i began to love the classes more when i've met my photography lecturer [http://azliyusof.fotopages.com] who was as enthusiastic as we all are. he's willing to share his photos with us and not to mention the countless knowledge we've learned from him. he once saw my portfolio earlier when i just started the first day class with him and told me that my pictures suck. well yeah im not denying that coz i once blind. i opened a tread in a forum that i was looking for internship company and Saiful Nang offered me. so getting rejected twice was actually worth it i felt lucky to explore photography from both CSteam and my lecturer at once. it helped me a lot to improve my skills and most importantly, improving MYSELF.
Im now a fulltimer at CandidSyndrome. i was offered a 2 years contract at candidsyndrome as Junior Photographer before i completed my semester 6. and a designer on the day i end my final presentation i must say that im really comfortable with my job and love the team more and more. to hell to those who ditch our team that we were all doomed, been fooled, 'KULI', and any of these means. my parents now are really happy with all i've done. i know its kinda late to grad at 23 with only diploma BUT, i've graduated with an award. and surprisingly, the result of my final semester for photography was A+
i dont care what others may say. im really happy. i did it at my own effort. this effort came after im i fell love with photography.

p.s:just bought my wide lens Tokina 12-24 dan telah dirasmikan oleh AdiNang kat gamba2 atas ni

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