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Tuesday, 24-Apr-2007 13:47 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Train Shooting

my lecturer AzliYusof.
college photographer-jehan.
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Should've post this earlier hehe..on our way to Penang [we travelled by train, and it was my first time! hehe cool gile. sunggoh jakon] our classmate Andy [foreigner from indonesia] did his assignment in the train, that is Fashion Photography and the idea of shooting in the train is kinda cool. semue sibuk2 gak nak pinjam model Andy [who is also his gf] hehe thanks andy! im not good on fashion shooting. and it was a 'senandung malam' train. so all we got was just the lights in the train. we have fun though, semue org tido..kite dok nyebok ambik gamba. hehe...

we arrived next morning and during sunrise. it was so beautiful.
ade lagi gambar.

Monday, 23-Apr-2007 09:03 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Penang Trip Preview

i just got back from penang! the trip was really exciting! banyak jalan kaki jer all the way around Penang Road and banyak jugak 'religous' pics taken from various temples. there's a whole lot of them, still under editting process nanti check balik ya!

Thursday, 19-Apr-2007 11:36 Email | Share | | Bookmark
my latest project

this was a sneak preview for my photography project, i decided to choose 'FineArtPhotography' as a minor and the theme was "Gothic"[my major is photojournalism]. i wanted to experiment on gothic wedding but unfornately i'm lack of props so i changed it to just 'Gothic' [alamak lupe gitau lecturer ]
well anyway, special thanks to my friends -zack,nana,hazrati,nazee. for being my models+helping me out to make-up yourselves hehehe..aku takreti nak mekap2 orang nih!
This weekend i'll be off to Penang with my photography lecturer En.AzliYusof and my classmates for street shooting! tak sabar!!! check back next week for new pix!

Tuesday, 17-Apr-2007 08:05 Email | Share | | Bookmark
RECENT WEDDING : Johanna + Rafael [Boy] |Sunway Resort Hotel&Spa

this is my first time shooting at sunway resort..jam terok petang tu! the whole bandar sunway was full! tapi dpt gak parking setelah stengah jam tawaf kat area pyramid tu. leh wat 2 kali haji jugak la tawaf tu..hehehe..was there to assist SN. wedding diorg sgt lah cantik! plus, dpt gak aku tgk adibah noor nyanyi live.
anyway to Johanna+Boy, congratulations!

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Saturday, 14-Apr-2007 12:31 Email | Share | | Bookmark

saye...sayeee.........takreti buat website tapi takpe la hope this will do at the moment.
i've got tons of final projects and 3 weeks left to graduate! mintak2 aku grad gak tahon nih!!! aaaargh! well, hope u'll enjoi my 50 best pix! more pix coming out soon, real soon! tengkyu!

kene timekasih dekat my fren zacksofia. for helping me out on this website. bende senang pon aku takreti...malunye

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